Kabala: Live music festival 2024

Since 2011, from February to April, OIKO has been part of music events with the full-organisation of Kabala, top-level concerts featuring the most refined Italian and international jazz performers. Every other Thursday, at Caffè Letterario in Pescara, music, food and live entertainment are provided by OIKO.

At Kabala, we believe in the transformative power of music to inspire, connect, and enrich lives. Through our commitment to deliver a series of high-level events we continue the storied legacy of Pescara’s historic jazz club, ensuring that the spirit of musical exploration thrives within our community.

Moreover, we are proud to be part of the cultural renaissance sweeping across Abruzzo, with the recent designation of L’Aquila as the Capital of Culture for 2026. This prestigious honor further enriches the cultural heritage of our beloved region, underscoring its significance as a hub of artistic vitality and innovation.

A multifaceted path – states Giancarlo Alfani, CEO of OIKO and Founder of Kabala – which embraces many of the souls of today’s music: jazz and musical theatre, songwriting and the music of the world. After 13 years & 10 editions, Kabala is refreshing its image with a new website and graphic designs with Oiko
Every year, OIKO really enjoys taking care of the artistic direction, relations and PR, services and accommodation for artists & musicians, surrounding ourselves with passionate people and always making new acquaintances.


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