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26.10.2023, Köln Messe, Köln
FSB, Presentation by FIBA Education & Venue CenterFoto: Conny Kurth /
26.10.2023, Köln Messe, Köln FSB, Presentation by FIBA Education & Venue CenterFoto: Conny Kurth /


Another great edition for Oiko at FSB 2023.
With 552 exhibitors from 42 countries FSB offered a comprehensive overview of products from the areas of open space, play equipment, outdoor fitness, sports equipment, sports floors and stadium infrastructure.

In our stand we setup the Oiko lounge at the heart of the hall where drinks, coffee, seating areas and entertainment were available.
Our CEO and Account Director were present there to discuss our actual projects for International Federations and much more.
We also created stands for FIBA partners and we coordinated and setup the amazing FIBA ‘House of Basketball’ Trailer there.


It’s official, the new 5 disciplines format including the Obstacles and removing horse riding has been confirmed on the Olympic Games programme and will be at Los Angeles 2028.

Oiko is proud, happy and thrilled to received that news after 2 years of collaboration with UIPM to integrate and present that new discipline, from the creation of the visual identity to its presentation to the IOC during the youth world competition.

A historic decision for a crucial transformation of the sport that we will continue to work on to fully integrate these changes after the Olympic Games of Paris 2024 and the final appearance of the horse riding discipline.


“La Piazza in Diretta” is back again for its 3rd edition.
Oiko has directed that live streaming event, which was promoted and organized for Udito Italia Onlus for their yearly event Nonno Ascoltami.

For the first time, the hosts weren’t in a virtual studio but directly live from the place in the major square of Pescara where they received guests live and online to make it a real hybrid event.
Oiko took care of the technical service, the direction, the live graphics and the script of this amazing live.


The national launch Conference of Nonno Ascoltami, the famous hearing prevention organised in the all Italy, has been held this year in the Chamber of Deputies in Rome.

Oiko has organised this important event, that has been supported for the 14th year by the World Health Organization.

The 20th of September 2023, all the protagonists from Nonno Ascoltalmi have gathered inside the Italian Parlement for the presentation of the event, which took place in twenty cities all over Italy, every Sunday from September 24th to October 22nd 2023.

UIPM’s 75th Anniversary

OIKO is joining the UIPM’s 75th Anniversary celebrations by designing the anniversary branding and supporting UIPM on one of its most important evolution periods.
Our CEO, Giancarlo Alfani has a special message for UIPM:
‘Congratulations on this new milestone of growth, success, evolution and achievements. OIKO is very proud to be working along UIPM and supporting them on their branding, sport presentation and all the required tasks necessary to insure its attractiveness and well development. Happy 75th Anniversary!’

Short List per Artemide

Procedura per l’istruttoria di una short list di esperti per l’eventuale conferimento di incarichi nelle attivita’ di laboratorio teatrale e laboratorio di comunicazione visiva.


Con il presente avviso, si intende istituire una short list di esperti per l’eventuale conferimento di incarichi ad esperti nell’ambito del progetto ARTEMIDE – artefice del tuo futuro Finanziato dall’unione Europea – Nex Genaration – EUPNRR M5C3 INVESTIMENTO 1.3 – interventi socio educativi strutturati per combattere la povertà educativa nel Mezzogiorno a sostegno del Terzo settore – CUP E24C22001160004 per i due profili indicati;


  • Esperto nelle attività di Social Media Management
  • Esperto nelle attività di Lab TVLa domanda (allegato 1 del presente Avviso, corredata di curriculum vitae, copia del documento di identità e allegato 2 dichiarazione curriculum) dovrà essere inoltrata tramite casella di posta elettronica ordinaria oppure certificata
  • ordinaria all’indirizzo
  • certificata all’indirizzo


L’oggetto della comunicazione dovrà riportare la dicitura: COGNOME, NOME – DOMANDA DI PARTECIPAZIONE ALLA SHORT LIST – PROFILO_____________________ (con l’indicazione del profilo prescelto).

L’istanza di iscrizione alla Short List ha il solo scopo di manifestare la disponibilità dell’istante al conferimento dell’eventuale incarico, così come dettagliato nel presente Avviso, nonché l’accettazione delle condizioni in esso esposte.

L’inserimento nella lista non comporta alcun diritto ad ottenere un incarico.
La domanda di iscrizione potrà essere presentata entro il 28 agosto 2023.


Scarica la domanda di ammissione

Scarica la dichiarazione di conformità del curriculum

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Successful rebranding for UIPM ahead of Paris 2024

OIKO has been the partner agency for a rebranding initiative from UIPM that aims to add prestige and relevance to all competitions on the road to Paris 2024.
The UIPM Executive Board has agreed to a proposal – first tabled at UIPM 2022 Congress – for numerous competitions to be assigned the status of UIPM Pentathlon Challenger.
The Pentathlon Challenger label in the Paris 2024 cycle applies to a series of four Olympic ranking competitions run by National Federations outside of the UIPM competition circuit.
This rebrand is also designed to standardise actions and procedures for the four competitions in the series and give more visibility, clarity and adherence to the Olympic qualification pathway.

Oiko partner of green energy

We are always happy to share something new from those we don’t consider just customers, but partners whose evolution we see over the years. In particular if the innovations are also to protect the environment!
Metamer has launched a complete service for home and business energy efficiency, in order to reduce both emissions of polluting substances into the environment and consumption, with concrete savings on bills.
We have decided, together, to communicate this milestone through a multi-channel campaign that is different from the usual. Sharpen your eyesight in the Italian cities and look for the green apple, you will also find it on the web and social networks!

Oiko wins the Basketball Champions League

Oiko in Geneva for Basketball Champions League Season Draw 2022-23!
The Draw ceremony for the inaugural edition of the Youth Basketball Champions League, set to be played in Bursa, Turkey from April 11-15, took place at the Patrick Baumann House of Basketball on Friday.
In the same occasion each of the eight clubs still standing in the race to conquer the Basketball Champions League trophy discovered the path that leads to the Final 4 on Friday with the Quarter-Finals Draw ceremony.
Another great opportunity for Oiko to take care of the production of one of the most important events in the basketball world.

Hearathon, the hearing Marathon

Oiko signes the World Hearing day in Italy at Ministero della Salute with Udito Italia. 2 days of full communication activities to provide accurate and accessible information on hearing disorders. On 02 and 03 March, the mandate of the WHO was welcomed, to establish a new alliance for hearing with the aim of enhancing knowledge and prevention in Italy of a disability that deserves to be placed at the center of the political and health debate. The event was championed by a well-known Italian singer, Katia Ricciarelli and by the Italian journalist, Luciano Onder.

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